Jan 24. 30 Days and Counting...

I've now been in Japan for one month. It's been a fantastic mix of high-pressure skiing and deep powder. Already, so many days will stand out in my mind for a long time down the road. Skiing new zones, trying new angles, and getting creative. It's all been a blast. 

Early Ups

6AM. I should still be in bed, but my alarm has gone off a long time ago. My ski boots are on and I'm staggering out into the cold dark of pre-dawn in Hakuba.


 High pressure this time of year in Hakuba is about as rare as getting to pet a kamoshika.

Lee Lyon in Happo backcountry


The first days of January have been pretty relentless. With Japow in effect, there's been no shortage of some much-needed time in the white room.

Lee on New Years eve at Happo