Jan 24. 30 Days and Counting...

I've now been in Japan for one month. It's been a fantastic mix of high-pressure skiing and deep powder. Already, so many days will stand out in my mind for a long time down the road. Skiing new zones, trying new angles, and getting creative. It's all been a blast. 

Today was a great way to mark the first 30 days of my second winter here. We got high pressure with light winds until late in the day. Combine that with sluffy snow that skied fast, it was a great day to ski some fun lines and get some good photos. I'll continue to update things from mid January, but when the skiing is this good, it's difficult to get much else done.

Paul hiking through a bit of wind

Miles finding the snow to be very nice

Soft, sluffy, satisfying

Matthias getting playful

Miles in The Mix

Lee: Big turns in big mountains

Kellie Okonek

The Alaskan working the comfort zone: no trees and really steep

My favorite from the day: Yari in the background, Matthias in the foreground

"I was scared of my sluff, so I went really fast."

The wind kicked up at the end of the day. It's supposed to snow tonight...again

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  1. Great Pictures guys!!! enjoy that place!!
    Manu from Argentina