February in Retrospect

February started out rough, but it's been pretty dam good since.

Lots of rain in early February made it seem like it would be a short winter in Hakuba. Instead, it's been a repeat of January here. Conditions have been a mix: heavy snow with wind when it's storming, classic Hakuba blue-ish conditions. We still haven't been able to get at anything up high thanks to stability, but when it's so deep they need to shovel the chairlift out, can you really complain?

Mr. Kowal in the Virgin Cafe, early Feb

Canadiens, early Feb

Lazy Lee, mid Feb

Chris Cardello, good snow in mid Feb

Lee in the Bakery, mid Feb

Chris, good snow late Feb

The Disco Fux, late Feb

Ski Patrol hard at work shoveling things out

Matthias jumps...

...Patrick ducks

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  1. Thanks for all your great photos and commentary Zach.